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A Hero Returns—Trimstix Orange Pineapple is BACK!

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After selling out in a matter of weeks in 2019, Trimstix Orange Pineapple returns by popular demand!

And even better news? This time, we’re keeping this superpowered fighter of sugar cravings around for good. That’s right—Trimstix Orange Pineapple is our newest permanent product.

This 10-calorie vegan mix helps save you from sugar cravings, controls your appetite, supports your energy, and more.*

Want to learn more about the tasty tropical flavor’s superpowers? Here’s five fresh facts you should know about Trimstix Orange Pineapple.

Be sure to order yours today to beat the rush—talk to your Distributor or open your existing Xyngular account HERE.

Defeat Your Sugar Cravings

When you’re trying to lose weight or get healthier, those sugary, calorie-dense treats can really make it tough. But Trimstix can help! Trimstix Orange Pineapple’s refreshing formula features Chinese bayberries, shown to support healthy blood sugar levels in healthy individuals.*

Support Your Already Healthy Blood Sugar

“Spikes” and “crashes” of blood sugar contribute to weight gain. They may cause you to overeat when hungry, and that excess blood glucose gets stored as fat. Maintaining healthy blood sugar levels between meals with the help of Trimstix Orange Pineapple can be your secret weapon as you achieve your weight-loss goals.*

Replace Your Soda Habit

Do you have a frequent soda or energy drink habit? Find yourself searching for the energy to get through your day? You’re not alone—about 33% of people drink a soda or energy drink every day!

Unfortunately, those sugary drinks can really make weight loss tough. Swapping out a soda for Trimstix Orange Pineapple is the answer to boost energy while achieving your goals! With just 10 calories and 50 mg of energizing caffeine, Trimstix delivers the flavor and lift without the empty calories and sugar crash.

Burn Fat, Big Flavor

Trimstix Orange Pineapple contains Carnipure ® , a high-grade form of L-carnitine, an important amino acid product for your fat-burning metabolism. As part of the Trimstix formula, Carnipure® helps your body transport and burn fatty acids inside your cells, converting them to energy.

Trimstix also contains Advantra-Z ®, a patented bitter orange extract used to curb appetite.These key ingredients help you to control your cravings, feel full and satisfied in between healthy meals, and support your metabolism on the way to your weight-loss goals.*

And the flavor? With sweet pineapple and juicy orange flavors, every stick features all the benefits of Trimstix Fruit Punch with a tropical twist. Just check out a few rave reviews from Orange Pineapple superfans on our Facebook pages!

“Just received my Trimstix Orange Pineapple today, and they are delicious!” — Betty A.

“How many bags are considered hoarding? Asking for a friend…” — Cindy R.

“Love this flavor…has become my go-to drink as summer turns to fall.” — Dawn A.

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Vegan, Gluten-Free, and Manufactured in the USA

Part of being able to feel good about the supplements and products you choose to use is knowing what is inside them. With Xyngular, you don’t need to worry about mystery ingredients, and Trimstix is manufactured in the U.S.A. in a Good Manufacturing Practices-compliant facility.

You can be confident knowing Trimsitx Orange Pineapple is vegan, gluten-, soy-, dairy-, and nut-free.

Learn more about what makes Trimstix one of our most popular products and a subscription favorite here.

Trimstix Orange Pineapple—Get Yours Today

We heard you loud and clear–you love Trimstix Orange Pineapple! That’s why after selling out in just weeks, we’ve made this limited-edition flavor a permanent addition to the Xyngular lineup!

With a powerful blend of ingredients, and a refreshing new taste bursting with sunny pineapple and orange flavor, Trimstix Orange Pineapple is ready to become your new afternoon go-to.

Ready to quench your cravings, and support your already healthy blood sugar levels as you lose weight with Trimstix Orange Pineapple?* To claim yours, talk to your Xyngular Distributor or open your existing Xyngular account HERE.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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