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Know Your Why with Freddy Elias, Platinum Executive

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*The following article was created and adapted from a training by Freddy Elias, titled “Know Your Why,” which first appeared as a Facebook Live in the Xyngular Distributor Community in March of 2020. It was one of the first in a series of videos aimed at empowering the Xyngular community during unprecedented times.

I’m excited to discuss what my “Why” is and what you should focus on. Before I do, though, obviously there’s crazy stuff going on. First, we are not in control of it, we can only control our mindset. Curtis Call gave an amazing address on this, titled “Adapt and Don’t Quit,” which I highly suggest you check out after reading this.

For me, I looked at the situations that I actually could control. My wife said the other day, “You’re built for this because you like to be home and have your children at home.” Obviously, this is something not everyone is built for. What I will say is we need to be sensitive to people.

It’s Simple to Serve and Love

During stressful and turbulent times, an integral part of our lives should be focused on others. We can find growth and solace by helping others, especially when we’re in the right mindset to do so. Something to ponder about and reflect on is we need to reach out and love on people.

There’s never been a better time to do this than now. Every day I have a goal just to reach out to 3-5 people. It’s really simple. It’s really easy. Just check in on them and their family. Just this simple act of kindness is magnified during uneasy times.

A little bit of care can go a long way. Sometimes we overlook that caring for others, being kind, and just being there for someone is free—it doesn’t cost a dime. And don’t just check in on Xyngular people, but everyone. It’s important to be in touch and hear their voices.

Focus on your mindset—work on you. Spend time working on your mindset. If you spend time working on your mind, training your focus, harnessing its power, everything will work out for you. We’ve got something really special at Xyngular. I knew this from day one. About ten years ago, I told Cala [Stadel] when we started working together, “There is nothing like this company.” I told my wife, “We are gonna do this in a big way.” I wanted to make sure it’s got the right people and the right culture.

We Rise by Lifting Others

I met Mary, Rudy, and Mark (Xyngular Co-Founders) and immediately I knew their hearts. There are so many incredible people and leaders in our company. [Our Executive team] Russ, Curtis...everyone. When you have people like this working for you, fighting for you, praying for you, there’s nothing like this anywhere else. We are getting paid commissions daily. I have so much gratitude. I had no idea I would do this well. It surpassed anything I could imagine.

Understand that we have some special things here. I’ve lost 65 pounds with this system. I’m about wellness and feeling amazing. This should be the focus right now for everyone. An important question to ask ourselves is: What do people need right now? Think about this question for a minute. Think about everything going on in the world at this time.

Finding Your “Why”

Reflect on everything and ask: What do people need? Hope, security, a promise of the future. We have to reach out with our hearts and beliefs to help them to be healthier people. Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” Find what people need, then offer it to them.

Show them what being healthy has done for you and others. There has never been a better time. They need opportunity. They need a better life. Let me ask you some personal questions: Do you feel blessed to be in this company? Do you feel better? Have a better future? Able to change your life? The answers to these questions are where the “Why” lives.

The “Why” is important because it keeps you moving forward. If you don’t know it, you need to reevaluate. It needs to come from the heart. You need to step up your game as a leader.

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Your Why Keeps You Moving Forward

When I started with Xyngular, my “why” was I wanted more time with the family. I worked 10-12 hours a day in construction. It was hard, year after year. I had no time or freedom. My kids were quickly growing up in front of me. I was swimming and drowning in debt. It was unreal. I didn’t even have $5000 in the bank at 45 years old when I started with Xyngular. This changed my life. I got to the point where I was able to sell my company and be present at home every day. I was able to have more time and freedom, pay off debt, and put money away.*

My “why” changed and that kept me driven. It doesn’t matter if people say no. It doesn’t matter if I was tired. I wanted to relax, but ultimately, I kept reminding myself of my “why” and kept moving forward. My “why” changed because I got what we wanted.

I have so much gratitude. This gratitude drives me because I want to continue to build this company because I love it. I feel like I owe you guys for what I’ve been given. It’s my job to pay it forward—now that’s my “why”. Because my life has changed, I want to set a legacy for my family. I want to see great things happen for you too!*

Focus on Your Why

So you need to dial in on your “why” and get focused. I’m talking laser-focused. We’ve got the best of everything. We can help people get healthy and it’s never been a better time. Wellness has never been more important. People are looking for opportunities. Love on and have compassion for everyone. But remember to be strong and step our game up!*

Keep Going. Keep Growing.

It’s not everyday life throws the same curveball to all of us. This is a moment where we’re unified in our fears and uncertainties, yet we also need to be unified in our hope and our ability to rise above the challenges. To answer those uncertain moments with certainty. We are responsible to find resolve and to turn those constraints into opportunities. We’re challenged with finding our “Why” and leveraging that to help ourselves and others grow through this moment. We can do this too!

Remember: We rise by lifting others. What people need right now is hope and security of the future. We can reach out with our hearts and beliefs to help them be healthier. Being healthy has helped you. It will help others! People need opportunities. What can you do? Start by sharing. Share this message. Share your story. Share your why. Go to Facebook and Instagram and share a post with your friends and family. Be a little extra for you and others today.

What is your “why” today? Share a post on your Facebook wall and tell the world!

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*Freddy is the rank of Platinum Executive 0.10% of Xyngular Distributors are paid as a Platinum Executive. This testimonial does not include exepnsees incurred by the Distributor in building their business. Click here to view the Xyngular Income Summary.

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