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Contact, Communicate, Connect—Discovering a Solid Mindset with Danielle Ripley

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* The following article was created and adapted from a training by Danielle Ripley titled “Staying In Contact—Communicating and Connecting,” which first appeared as a Facebook Live on the Xyngular Distributor Community in March of 2020. It was one of the first in a series of videos aimed at empowering Xyngular Community members during unprecedented times and giving them hope.

We’re faced with a lot of uncertainty and stuff we can’t control. Let’s instead focus on what is in our control. We’re in uncharted territory, and it can be easy to go to a place of fear.

Naturally, I am a worrier and can turn a headache into a brain tumor real fast. This has presented problems in the past, but now I know it’s not a good use of my time to think about what I can’t control. It is not a good time to let your brain go from one “What if?” scenario to the next “What if?” scenario.

This cycle of circular worry gets you absolutely nowhere. Here are some of the little things I do to keep my focus and my mindset disciplined:

Discipline Your Mindset

What has this moment forced me to focus on? I am working on disciplining my thoughts on a mindset that is not fear-based but faith-based. One of my family’s favorite scriptures is about setting your mind on things above and not on earthly worries. When I head down that trail of negativity and fear, I instead think about things I can control. Here’s a little mental trick I use when facing these kinds of moments:



Ask: What can I focus on that is good and pure and joyful?

Discipline your mindset, especially as it relates to your business. I get asked, “Is it okay if I’m still posting? Is it okay to do this, this, and this?” Every time, I answer back with a resounding “YES!” Think about your business: people want what we have. It’s still okay to post about your business. We have the best gift. We are helping people with their health and finances*, and those are the two things people are freaking out about and causing unrest.

What We Have Is a Gift

Don’t get in your own head—we have such a gift. And we have to keep sharing. I am still executing my income-producing activities.* I am still reaching out and contacting people. It might not look the same but that’s ok. I’m still loving on people and staying connected to my team. We’re still video chatting! I’m still video chatting with new builders. Keep the actions going. Do it out of love. Be authentic. Be you.

When things go back to “normal”, the things and the actions you do today and tomorrow are the things that keep you moving forward. Keep doing the daily actions. We don’t shove things down people’s throats. We are providing them an outlet and welcoming them into the family of Xyngular.

Don’t get rattled easy. Keep income-producing activities going. Our actions are always, 100% in our control. If you grow weary, share that feeling—talk to someone. Stress is a normal part of life, but how you save yourself from stress plays a huge role in your health. Don’t let outside influences shake your core. Our actions are still 100% in our control. Don’t ever lose sight of that.

Because I have Xyngular and these people to walk within life, I have comfort and peace.* I might be taking Xr2 daily to help me handle stress right now, but because I have people and customers to love on, everything with this is a source of hope for me.

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Words of Encouragement for Homeschoolers

For those dealing with homeschooling their children, remember homeschooling is a gift. Find the blessings that are coming from it. More quality time with your children—it can be that for you. Keep it simple! School at home does not need to mirror school in a building and doesn’t have to run on a full daily schedule. Give away the time constraints. Everything is a learning opportunity. Praise your kids, recognize them. Take what your school gives you and take the pressure off yourself.

Adapt to the Moment and Boost Your Mindset

We’re constantly striving to be the best version of ourselves in many facets of our lives. During uneasy moments or periods where we are facing a barrage of obstacles and hurdles, maintaining focus and a healthy mindset is key when it comes to adapting to the moment. Here are a few effective resources we’ve written about to help boost your mindset which you can adopt and implement right away.

How to Train Your Focus

You train your body to be stronger and healthier. You take control of your diet and make healthy nutrition choices. Now you are ready to train your mind. But how do you know where to start? In order to improve your lifestyle, you need to train your focus. When you are focused on achieving your goals, you are more likely to follow through and take action.

In this article on training your focus, we show you these steps to begin training your focus to achieve the life you have always wanted.

Focus on Transformation and Success

A successful total body, mind, and lifestyle transformation can be a difficult thing to achieve. Many people who embark on a transformation challenge do not know where to begin and because of this, many never even start. Because having a clear set approach and strategy to tackling your goals is so important, we’ve put together six steps to transformation success. Following these transformation success strategies will help you progress and achieve your goals!

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How to Focus Your Mind

When it comes to meeting goals, it's really the power of our minds that gets things done. But is your mindset working for you, or against you? Mental roadblocks are often what really stop us, not physical or financial ones. Sometimes all it takes is an act of willpower to break through to the next step. By using a few simple tricks, you can improve your focus, meet your goals, and skyrocket your productivity.

Keep Going. Keep Growing.

This is a moment where we’re unified in our fears and uncertainties, yet we also need to be unified in our hope and our ability to rise above the challenges. Not just the external challenges, but the internal hurdles going on inside of our minds. We need to answer those uncertain moments with certainty. We are responsible to find resolve and to turn those constraints into opportunities.

What can you do? Start by sharing. Share this message. Share your story. Share your why. Go to Facebook and Instagram and share a post with your friends and family. Be a little extra for you and others today.

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*Danielle is the rank of a Platinum Executive. 0.03% of Xyngular Distributors are paid as a Platinum Executive. Click here to view the Xyngular Income Summary.

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