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Adapt and Don't Quit with Curtis Call Xyngular CSO

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The following article was created and adapted from a training by Curtis Call, titled “Adapt And Don’t Quit,­” which first appeared as a Facebook Live on the Xyngular Distributor Community in March of 2020. It was one of the first in a series of videos aimed at empowering Xyngular Community members during unprecedented times.

It has become clear there is a sense of uncertainty in people’s lives right now. It’s not always easy for us to know exactly what everyone needs. There’s a lot of fear being spread through social media, conversations, news media, and more. There’s uncertainty about the future, the markets, employment, and the like. People are wondering how they will provide for themselves and their families, and about their businesses as well. They’re worried, worried about the life they've built. They’re worried about the world changing, not knowing what comes tomorrow or six hours from now. Anxious about what each day will bring.

Some people might even be worrying that the dream they built with Xyngular is slipping out of reach—I wanted to assure you it’s not.

Leverage Uncertainties into Opportunities for You and Others

The dream is alive and well. It’s there for the taking. As we face these uncertain times, there are things we can do to ensure our opportunity remains intact, that the income you’ve been building with Xyngular remains unfazed.

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I wanted to talk about what we can do right now, today, and tomorrow, and all these days ahead as we live through what will be looked back at as historic and uncertain times.

This moment is a historical challenge, and I like to look at it that way. I believe Xyngular is full of people who will rise to the challenge and this occasion. They will see this as an opportunity for personal growth and development, an opportunity to lead and give hope to people in the communities where you live. They will see this as an opportunity to be a source of great things in the days ahead. An opportunity where we don’t cower to fear and uncertainty, but instead leverage this moment into something great.

So, what’s an effective approach to leveraging this uneasy moment into an opportunity? We will rise to the challenge, and we will do it first and foremost by adapting. We all need to be able to learn how to adapt to the world around us and the changing circumstances. We all need to understand for the time being we have to adapt to a new way of life: working from home, homeschooling, taking care of people, social distancing, new schedules, and constantly changing circumstances.

Albert Einstein once said, “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.” We believe the measure of growth and success is dependent on our ability to change as well.

Adapting to Change Starts in the Mind

To some it may feel unfair, it may not be the life you wanted, but the reality is this: We can adapt to any situation we are in if we shift our mindset. This means we must shift focus on the things we can control and not the things we can't.

If you look up the word “control” in the dictionary, it says control is “the power to influence or direct people’s behavior or the course of events.” This should be our focus.

None of us can control the schools being closed, or the weather.

None of us can control the methods being put in place to curb the virus or what the next person we run into says to us.

But there are some things we can control—so I want you to adapt your mindset and focus on those.

Here are a few things to focus instead, which you CAN control:

—Your response to the ever-changing world around us.

—Your attitude and the amount of joy you bring into your home.

— The amount of happiness you bring into your family’s lives, your customers' lives, and your teams’ lives.

You can control a lot of those things. You can control your work rate. Now is not the time to say “Well, there’s all of this going on around me, so there’s nothing I can do about my business.”

If you’re thinking this, you’re thinking incorrectly because you are in control of the decisions you are making every day to grow your business.

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Commitment and Focus with the Right Activities and Right Frequency

I have been watching as the first three months of 2020 have played out.

I’ve watched Xyngular have its best January ever.

I’ve watched Xyngular follow this up with its 2nd best (almost best) February ever.

I’ve been watching this month as we’ve had our best March ever.

UPDATE: April of 2020 was Xyngular’s best sales and enrollment month EVER!

And I believe it’s because of the commitment you all have to the products. The commitment to the idea that they work are getting results for people and will continue to be getting results for people, despite all of the stuff going on.

I believe it’s also a result of people getting focused on the right activities.

Open your XBO to your business-building activities here.

A lot of you have been working with a thing called Teamzy.

This fantastic tool, Teamzy, has this benefit of being easy to use and in the palm of your hand. Interestingly enough, it’s also teaching the right activities with the right frequency. This change of focus, the idea of focusing on the right activities with the right frequency, is what’s producing results.

Learn more about Teamzy with Melanie Larsen, Xyngular Regional Sales Director, here.

Answering the Call: How Will You Adapt?

School might have closed, life might be changing, but we can stay active, we can continue to do follow-ups, we can continue with prospecting, reaching out to customers, and connecting with them.

We might be able to do more of it now because we’ve got a little extra time on our hands. Think about it for a moment: this “crisis” has given us an opportunity because we all may have a little extra time on our hands. What are we doing with this extra time?

It all comes down to how you decide to change. How you choose to adapt to your environment, your new schedule. Yes, now you have to focus a little more on the kids because they’re home. A very important question we should have at the forefront of our minds is:

Where else in the day can you adapt to get the time you need to build your Xyngular business?

You still get to choose how hard you work, how much you work, how many hours you put in, and what those are. This isn’t a 9-5 job. You can decide when it fits in your life. Don’t forget, it happens wherever you are.

If you’ve got your phone, you’re in business. You can connect with people and it’s all about connections right now. Make sure you are making valuable connections right now. Make sure you are reaching out and staying in touch with your customers, with your team, and making them understand they too can still receive the benefits Xyngular has to offer during this time.

Be Willing to Lean into This Moment

A lot of people, as I mentioned before, are worried. They’re worried about finances; they’re worried about how they will make ends meet and put food on the table. We have the solution.*

This is absolutely why businesses like Xyngular exist. This is why Xyngular continues to pour our hearts and souls and passion into each of you every day. Because we support the micro-entrepreneur, the home-based person, the person who wants to build their own thing in their own corner and establish their own income. This is why we exist.*

This is the opportunity every one of you has raised your hand at and said, “I want to be a part of that!” It’s why each of you is now looking for people you can help with this business opportunity as well.

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