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5 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

easy ways to lose weight

Pants starting to feel a little tighter than you might like? Maybe you’ve been noticing the number on the scale start to creep up on you... or maybe you feel out of breath after a game of tag with your kids.

Whatever you’re feeling, you’re probably here because you think it’s time to lose some weight.

Losing weight can be a struggle. Unfortunately, people who try to lose weight often fail, and people try to combat this by trying countless diets in attempting to reach their goals! Studies have shown that people try an average of 162 diets over their lifetime. That’s a lot of tries!

People fail in their weight loss journeys for many reasons. One of the biggest ones, though, is that the diets they’re choosing to follow just aren’t sustainable. You might be able to survive on a cabbage-only diet for two weeks, but when your body has to bounce back, the weight is likely to do that, too.

The only way to successfully tackle weight loss is to do it in a healthy way. Healthy habits and sustainable, easy methods for losing weight are key to your success when it comes to the best ways to lose weight.

1. Eat a Balanced Diet

While exercise is also important in maintaining a healthy weight, much of weight loss begins in the kitchen. If you eat only carrots all day, by night, you just may not be able to say no to that double bacon cheeseburger you have been dreaming about throughout the day. Proper nutrition is key to weight loss, and in order to be sustainable, it has to be done in a balanced way.

Wondering how to sneak more fruits and veggies into your day-to-day? When you fill your plate, make sure that at least half of your plate is full of fruits and vegetables. You can also stack your sandwiches with vegetables, tomatoes, and onions. Every little bit counts! Make a soup or a tomato sauce that is chock full of vegetables, you may not even know they are hidden in there! Make sure you start your day off by incorporating fruits or vegetables into your breakfast, and you will already have accomplished some of your servings by lunch! Cut up fruits and vegetables and keep them in your fridge, making them easy to grab for a quick snack. And lastly, create a personal challenge for yourself by trying a new fruit or vegetable every week. You might find a new favorite!

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You can easily incorporate fruits and vegetables throughout your day with quick and easy snacks. Try a red bell pepper with guacamole, or toss mixed berries into Greek yogurt for an easy burst of protein. You can also dip apple slices into peanut butter or try some light cream cheese on celery sticks. And don’t forget kale chips, they just might have the crunch you are craving in the late afternoon!

2. Incorporate Physical Activity Into Your Daily Routine

While nutrition is key to losing and maintaining weight, incorporating physical activity into your daily routine is also key in your weight loss journey. Moving your body can be incorporated into your day in many different ways. When many people think of exercise, they may feel intimidated by the thought of pounding away at the gym with an extremely intense workout. However, movement doesn’t have to be hard on your body. There are many low-impact cardio workout options, whether it be simply walking or taking a bike ride. Swimming is another fantastic option as is yoga or rowing. Low-impact exercise has been proven over and over to be a very effective way to lose body fat. Your workout may have to be slightly longer than a high-impact workout, but you will still see results and your joints may thank you.

Feeling like you can’t find the time? Keep your workout clothes handy so you don’t have any excuses. You can also schedule workouts into your day just as you would schedule any other appointment. If your kids are sweating at soccer practice, it’s an excellent time to jog or walk around the field. You may even want to set your alarm a little earlier. Exercising first thing in the morning encourages healthier choices throughout the day and allows you to start your day with a strong dose of positive mental health.

3. Practice Mindful Eating

Have you ever stood at the counter eating a bag of chips wondering what to have for dinner, and before you know it, half the bag is gone? Enter mindful eating. When you practice mindful eating, you are utilizing all of your senses to create an awareness of what you are consuming. When you practice eating in this way you are more likely to take the time to savor and enjoy your food choices which in turn can lead to more positive choices and less overeating.

It takes practice to develop mindful eating. Start being more aware of your food by eating more slowly, listening to cues from your body telling you that you are full, chewing your food completely, and removing distractions while you eat such as your cell phone or computer. It’s much easier to overeat when scrolling through Instagram or reading articles online. Separate yourself from these distractions for a more positive digestive experience.

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4. Find Support

Finding support when losing weight can be key to your overall success. Talking to others who are supportive and have experienced the challenges of weight loss and discussing what worked and didn’t work for them can be integral to your overall success. Find support in the best way that works for you whether that may be in-person support with friends and family, online forums, social media, or even starting your own group. Support can come in many different forms whether it be someone to talk to about your weight loss journey or simply a babysitter so you can make sure you get in that yoga session you have scheduled. It will also provide you with the accountability that you may need for success.

Xyngular understands the importance of support during your weight loss journey. With that in mind, in addition to their line of products specifically designed to fit all lifestyles and needs, they have developed a community of Xyngular users who are there and ready to discuss the challenges of weight loss and cheer you on when you hit your goals. Xyngular distributors receive the same level of support from their mentor group. However you use Xyngular products, you will never be lacking in support and a community that is rooting for your successes.

5. Supplementation For Weight Loss

Chances are that time and time again you’ve seen weight loss supplements advertised promising miracle results. Lose 80 pounds in one week! Instant abs in two days! Get bikini ready by Tuesday! While enticing, the odds of these weight loss supplements actually having these results are quite slim, and the weight loss that does occur would not be done in a sustainable and healthy way.

However, that being said, all weight loss supplements are not the same. The team at Xyngular has designed a line of health supplements and weight loss products that are carefully designed to specifically target the 15 points of weight loss failure that people tend to face when they are trying to improve their physical health through weight loss. Through the use of their products and the incredible support of the Xyngular community, healthy and sustainable weight loss is possible.

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There are big benefits to weight loss. Even a small weight loss of 5% to 10% of your body weight has many health benefits including supporting blood sugar levels, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. You will experience increased energy and an overall improvement in mood, confidence, and body image.

Xyngular has created a weight loss solution that will stop you from looking for the next diet trend. The X Bundle was created to include a 30-day supply of the most effective weight loss products to utilize after the 8-Day Jumpstart. After losing 15 pounds in your first eight days with the Jumpstart program, imagine the success that can be achieved in 30 days. These successful products will give you the necessary tools to lose weight as well as a daily schedule, an easy-to-follow nutrition guide that includes simple and easy recipes, and text reminders all designed to keep you on track. The Xyngular X Bundle is not a product only for weight loss, it’s the key to a healthier and happier lifestyle.*

Be sure to consult with a healthcare professional before beginning any weight loss program and prior to taking any supplementation.

Log in to your account or contact your Xyngular distributor today and get started on your weight loss success with the Xyngular X Bundle.

*Individual results may vary based on personal variables and adherence to the program/product use. Typical results are 1-2 lbs. lost per week

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